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More effective teams lead to more successful outcomes for your staff and for students. Highly engaged teams are much more than just a satisfied team.

When people are engaged, your whole staff can focus on teacher quality and evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning. Your team will be highly motivated, invigorated and passionate about their role and their school.

Using the proven Gallup Q12™ engagement system, which takes the best of world leading employee engagement research, we can help you to:

  • Address active disengagement and position your staff for success
  • Develop a focus on and culture of continuous improvement
  • Bring clarity and coherence to your team so people know what’s expected
  • Link your employee engagement approach to your strategy, annual plan and curriculum delivery so that it becomes a key lever for creating a high performing team
  • Use the Q12 survey to pinpoint which elements of engagement your leaders can improve, and help them achieve this
  • Build a dashboard that allows you to compare and contrast results against global benchmarks

Did you know that only
15% of the worlds
employees are highly
engaged at work?

To find out how improving employee engagement will improve your organisation’s performance


We also offer online training, and an online learning community with
unlimited support which people can access 24/7.

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