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Developing an effective team can be a challenge when people fail to collaborate or
communicate well with each other – leadership coaching can help.

When you want to get the most out of your team, or gain traction with a new initiative, leadership coaching can help.

It will give you clarity and insight, along with tools and strategies to challenge and grow; both yourself and others. It empowers individuals and organisations, and will enable you to become a better leader.

We offer three internationally proven frameworks to strengthen your leadership. Which option is best for you will depend on your own personal needs and professional situation.

Rafael Nadal

Gallup certified strengths coach badgeStrengths Coaching helps individuals and teams improve organisational health and wellbeing through better performance.

Over time, it gives you and your team a language which enables improvement.

It will help you:

  • Understand what makes people tick
  • Focus on what people are naturally good at, what energises them
  • Help your team members to achieve goals and aspire towards excellence, address areas that are important to them and better support each other

It can be immediately useful to those leaders in an appraisal context. Because it directly targets lifting leadership capability, it is also an extremely effective strategy within a professional learning project.


When used in conjunction with ongoing coaching and input, the CliftonStrengths assessment takes ‘knowing your team’ to a whole new depth.

leadership circle logoThe way we see ourselves is different to the way that others see us. When you’re in a leadership role and your perception of yourself is skewed, you and your team are unlikely to reach your potential.

Completing The Leadership Circle gives you better insight and understanding of the way you operate as a leader, and improves your effectiveness. It:

  • Unpacks the complexities of leadership for individuals, teams and organisations
  • Shifts understanding of what extraordinary leadership is and how it develops
  • Integrates the best theory and research on leadership, human and spiritual development

Benefits of the system

  • Measures two critical areas of leadership. Your creative competencies and the degree to which you might react to different situations
  • It helps to explain the causal relationships between your emotions and the results you get as a leader

Genos Emotional Intelligence logo

Problems it solves

  • Enhances how leaders can effectively express their emotions 
  • Enables leaders to build resilience, cope with stress and high work demands
  • Helps navigate through difficult conversations

Benefits of the system

  • Empowers leaders to be more empathetic and solution-focused
  • Improves the quality of decision making and soft skills 
  • Directly influences how leaders perform through motivating and engaging others

Is strengths coaching
right for you or your

Get in touch to discuss your needs and how our expert coaches
can support innovation and growth.


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