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Playing to our strengths in a post-COVID world

Collaborate in order to build our future During lockdown, I had the opportunity to present at New Zealand’s first virtual Impact Unconference. With an overall theme of ‘collaboration’, it aimed to help participants generate ways to collaborate in order to…

Develop student engagement with Clifton StrengthsExplorer

The Clifton StrengthsExplorer is an innovative online tool designed for 10 to 14-year olds to complete that helps them discover and then develop their talents. It is unique because it provides students, their parents, teachers, and school leaders with guidance on how to build on each child’s gifts.

How to transform your workplace culture

I’ve just come back from a conference in Sydney entitled Transforming Workplace Culture by Gallup. This conference explored the critical elements of what it takes to develop an engaging workplace and how to transform your workplace culture. I found it quite inspiring so here are some of my key takeaways.

How employee engagement leads high performing organisations

Learn about the Gallup Q12 engagement matrix and how to ask the right questions to gauge how emotionally engaged your employees are. Learn how this can enable you to create a more productive, happy and effective organisation.

How to make strengths-based learning come alive in your school

Learn how to make strengths-based learning come alive in your school by developing a strengths-based curriculum for school leadership, staff, and students

What is the Gallup student poll?

Discover your school’s levels of engagement, hope, entrepreneurial aspiration, and career and financial literacy. This post is to let you know of an upcoming webinar to help leaders decide whether this tool is right for their organisation – learn how you can measure what matters most with the Gallup Student Poll.

What is strengths-based leadership?

This is a question that many educators would purport to have as a guiding principle in how they, and their organisation, works. Yet so much about how we ‘do’ education seems to me to be premised on a negative approach.

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