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As your school/kura or Kāhui Ako transitions to distance/remote learning, you have many great options available.

As we move to online learning, you have these options available to get support:

  1. Your existing PLD can continue with online delivery,
  2. Your PLD can be put on hold and be delivered at a later date,
  3. Any hours remaining in your allocation can be repurposed to get support in planning and delivering distance learning
  4. If you don’t have PLD hours, you can ask for support from the MOE

We have a range of supports for you at this time. These include:

Our team will:

  • Demystify the process, help you navigate the system and complete your applications before the PLD deadline
  • Design a learning programme that can include a mix of 1 to 1 coaching, group workshops, whole staff sessions, or online courses and virtual support
  • Provide you with ongoing monitoring and measurement of success so you know the impact the programme is making

Get up to speed
with moving
your school or
Kāhui online

PLD application dates

Following are the application deadlines for locally-focussed PLD (formerly called ‘centrally-funded PLD’):

RegionTerm 1Term 3Term 4
Auckland13 Martbatba
Bay of Plenty – Waiariki19 Martbatba
Canterbury13 Martbatba
Hawke’s Bay – Tairāwhiti5 Martbatba
Nelson, Marlborough, West Coast13 Martbatba
Otago, Southland13 Martbatba
Tai Tokerau13 Martbatba
Taranaki, Whanganui, Manawatu13 Martbatba
Waikato13 Martbatba
Wellington6 Martbatba

Please note that due to new National Priorities being implemented start of term 3, that there are no applications term 2 this year.

Our experienced facilitators will show you how to turn theory into practice, develop and strengthen individual and organisational capability to empower student learning.

Get our expertise for FREE for your school, kura, cluster or kāhui ako

Educators who are confident and highly capable of using a wide range of digital technologies empower learners to be creators rather than consumers.

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All leaders want to develop a team who are confident and highly capable at using a wide range of technologies to empower learning. We support educators to turn theory into practice and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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Digital citizenship is about enabling young people to become confident, capable and safe in a digital world. To successfully lead your school, Kāhui Ako and wider school community to become healthy digital citizens, staff need to understand the digital ecosystem.

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The world now desperately needs agents of positive change.When we design authentic learning programmes that develop agency and connections to the local community, students go into the wider world knowing they can change it for the better.

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Just about every teacher will tell you that teacher inquiry is unnecessarily time consuming. We help simplify and make the process meaningful.

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Science is an exciting and motivating way for students to learn how to think critically and problem-solve.Educators who understand science, who are confident and well prepared to teach can engage students with hands-on and interactive projects.

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Get our expertise for FREE for your school, kura, cluster or kahui ako

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