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Getting an independent Professional Growth Cycle in between ERO reviews gives you an expert external perspective that supports continuous improvement and keeps you on track.

With first-hand experience in school leadership, our consultants not only understand the unique nature of the educational ecosystem, but can also incorporate internationally proven coaching frameworks that enable your experienced and emerging leaders to gain deeper insight into how they can best lead.

Working together with you to support and empower experienced and emerging leaders, we can:

  • Observe, evaluate, and critique existing processes and practices  
  • Provide constructive, objective feedback and help with reflection and goal setting
  • Identify meaningful pathways and personalise individual programmes by taking a modular, evidence-based approach
  • Act as a critical friend, confidential mentor and trusted sounding board, providing ongoing informal support, online or in person 
  • Ensure accountability and compliance, plus maintain a clear focus on continuous improvement both for your staff members and your student outcomes

We also offer online training, and an online learning community with
unlimited support which people can access 24/7.


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