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We provide a variety of expertly crafted resources that solve a range of problems

Whether you are a school leader, office manager, teacher, or business person, we have resources that will help you in a range of ways.

These include how to:

  • take advantage of collaborative features in online tools
  • streamline your systems to be more efficient and save you time
  • address various leadership issues in your organisation (eg. trust)
  • make planning and implementation easier and more relevant to your own workplace situation

For resources relating to distance learning/remote working, choose from Resources for: Distance learning. Alternatively, visit our Working remotely section here.

Choose from our wide selection of topics and types of resources below:

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1 PLD priorities capability descriptorsHandy resource for leaders to spark conversation about the PLD priorities and how you might strengthen them in your school or kura.LeadershipGet PDFdata-opf-trigger='p2c91356f222' javascript://Professional learning and developmentprimary, intermediate, secondaryPDF
2 of Inference resourceHandy resource for leaders to help them use the Ladder of Inference to support decision making. Also see this blog post.LeadershipGet PDF learning and developmentprimary, intermediate, secondaryPDF
3 for using Zoom for teachingIf you are a teacher, this PDF from Zoom is well worth reading, it has a list of great tips for engaging people using this powerful video conference solution.Teachers, Leadership, Business, Distance learningGet PDFdata-opf-trigger='p2c91356f194'javascript://Distance learning, Leadershipprimary, intermediate, secondaryPDF
4 2 return to school surveyThis Google Form template will speed up the process of determining which students are coming back to school for Level 2. Leadership, Distance learningGet Google Formdata-opf-trigger='p2c91356f198'javascript://Distance learning, Leadershipprimary, intermediate, secondaryOnline template
5 3 return to school surveyThis Google Form template will speed up the process of determining which students are coming back to school for Level 3.Leadership, Distance learningGet Google Formdata-opf-trigger='p2c91356f193'javascript://Curriculum Design, Digital Technologies Curriculumprimary, intermediate, secondaryOnline template
6 Technologies Curriculum - 4 parts of computational thinkingPrintable PDF infographic showing the four parts of Computational Thinking. Ideal for educators starting out with the DTHM curriculum, or as a teaching aide.Teachers, Leadership, ICT leadersGet Infographicdata-opf-trigger='p2c91356f123'javascript://Curriculum Design, Global Citizenshipprimary, intermediate, secondaryInfographic
7 SDGs slideshowGoogle Slideshow with resources and ideas for teaching using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).Teachers, Leadership, ICT leadersGet Resourcedata-opf-trigger='p2c91356f126'javascript://G Suite, Teacher planningprimary, intermediate, secondaryGoogle Slideshow
8 teacher planning templateOnline tutorial and template that uses a Google Sheet for teacher planning. This resource has been downloaded over 10,000 times!Teachers, ICT leadersGet template & tutorialdata-opf-trigger='p2c91356f135'javascript://Curriculum Design, Digital Technologies Curriculumprimary, intermediate, secondaryOnline template
9 Technologies Curriculum - PO1 examplePDF examples of PO1 to help with implementing the DTHM curriculumTeachersGet PDFdata-opf-trigger='p2c91356f124'javascript://Curriculum Design, Digital Technologies CurriculumprimaryPDF
10 Technologies Curriculum - PO4 examplePDF examples of PO4 to help with implementing the DTHM curriculumTeachersGet PDFdata-opf-trigger='p2c91356f125'javascript://Curriculum Design, Sustainable Development GoalssecondaryPDF
11 websiteWebsite with over 100 free webquests related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Led by Rob Clarke.Teachers, Leadership, ICT leadersVisit Websitepopup-click-open-trigger-45https://unwebquests.nzG Suiteprimary, intermediate, secondaryWebsite
12 between Google environments tutorialOnline tutorial with templates and advice to help move between Google environments easily. This is part of our Online Learning Community.Teachers, Leadership, Business, Office StaffGet Tutorialdata-opf-trigger='p2c91356f134' javascript://G Suite, Principal planning, Leadershipprimary, intermediate, secondaryOnline tutorial & template
13 plan template for principalsOnline template and tutorial for school leaders to streamline annual planning and reporting.School LeadersGet Annual Plandata-opf-trigger='p2c91356f136'javascript://Leadership, Time managementprimary, intermediate, secondaryOnline template
14 management templatesFREE time management resources to support your leadership.LeadershipGet Free Tooldata-opf-trigger='p2c91356f137'javascript://Leadership, Goal setting, G Suiteprimary, intermediate, secondaryOnline template
15 setting Google FormGoal setting using a google form.School LeadersSet a Goaldata-opf-trigger='p2c91356f138'javascript://Digital fluencyprimary, intermediate, secondaryOnline tutorial & template
16 motion animation tipsGreat tips to get started with stop motion animation.Teachers, ICT leadersGet Starteddata-opf-trigger='p2c91356f139'javascript://Digital citizenship, Leadershipprimary, intermediate, secondaryGoogle Doc
17 citizenship - email seriesEmail sequence delivery: printable poster & storyTeachers, School Leaders, Business,Get Storydata-opf-trigger='p2c91356f140' javascript://Digital citizenshipprimary, intermediate, secondaryPDF
18 citizenship - poster for classroomThe Triple Filter Test Poster is a really easy way to encourage people to think more closely about what they are interacting with online (or who).Teachers, School Leaders, Business,Get Posterdata-opf-trigger='p2c91356f133' javascript://Digital citizenshipprimary, intermediate, secondaryPDF

We also offer online training, and an online learning community with
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