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The world now desperately needs agents of positive change.

When we design authentic learning programmes that develop agency and connections to the local community, students go into the wider world knowing they can change it for the better.

Our specialist facilitators will show your team how to:

  • Create vibrant, flexible spaces and programmes for students and educators
  • Identify how to create engaging spaces and incorporate design thinking processes into your place of learning
  • Develop student agency by discovering how to move beyond student voice and choice, and enabling whole-school approaches that put students in charge of what, why and how they learn
  • Identify which areas of practice might make the biggest difference to learning combining passion with rich, complex learning design that challenges learners to take on real-life authentic problems they are passionate about
  • Develop exciting programmes that include Makerspaces to enthuse and STEAM programmes that are innovative and exciting
Matt Richards PLD Facilitator Hinatore
Matt Richards PLD Facilitator Hinatore
Teachers Taking Photos In Makerspace

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STEAM offers opportunities for students to envision and create their future. However, this can only be true if they are taught by educators with the confidence to experiment.

Discover how thinking differently allows educators to experiment with innovative learning design and create a richer, more creative student learning environments.

  • Develop multi-disciplinary programmes that focus on rich, authentic learning
  • Inspire and support educators to be innovative in how they design learning
  • Creating highly engaging programmes that empower students to take control and create pathways
  • Support you to develop engaging and future-focussed curriculum design

Makerspaces are incubators for innovation. However, if you’re lacking in expertise, your school will be limited in how effectively it can deliver project and passion-based learning.

Our experienced facilitators will help you to:

  • Identify strategies and tools that will make a bigger difference
  • Develop a practical and realistic plan
  • Link elements of makerspaces to yourthe existing curriculum
  • Empower teachers with confidence, clarity and skills

We offer personalised professional learning solutions for schools, kura and Kāhui Ako
as an expert accredited Ministry of Education PLD provider.


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