Inspire Confidence in the Digital Technologies Curriculum

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Thursday, November 8th, 2018|Professional Learning, School Leadership, Team

Welcome Victoria Macann to our team!

Inspiring Confidence in the Digital Technologies Curriculum

Inspire confidence in the digital technologies curriculum by undertaking PLD with Victoria Macann! Victoria works with schools and Kāhui Ako who are focused on the implementation of the Digital Technologies Curriculum. She also offers digital fluency, STEM and science. She is focussed on enhancing student outcomes through active, creative and collaborative learning whilst using technology.

Victoria has a background in Science and Biology teaching with experience integrating technology into her professional practice for over 7 years. Victoria has a Masters in Education (Digital) and is an Apple Professional Learning Specialist.

She brings a range of skills to support schools and Kāhui Ako to become more confident and capable. These include developing content knowledge and skills involved for successful implementation of the new Digital Technologies Curriculum. For example:

  • breaking down the DTC document into progress outcomes;
  • exploring and questioning how to implement the new progress outcomes in a meaningful way for students;
  • the introduction and practice of  a wide range of teaching strategies and classroom practices tailored to the DTC;
  • engaging with various practical software and robotics tools to support the progress outcomes.

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Victoria always maintains focus on the context of the schools’ setting and is a role-model of role model of what it means to be a bi-cultural citizen. She is very aware and responsive to cultural practices that are of significance to the school and the wider community.

Most recently, Victoria has worked with Tauranga Intermediate where she has led 5 day-long sessions for 9 teachers from various schools throughout the Tauranga area focusing on Computational Thinking as a new key competency in the Digital Technology Curriculum.

Tauranga Intermediate Logo“Victoria has delivered highly engaging Digital Technologies professional development that our staff were able to take straight back and embed into their classrooms. 
Being a former teacher, Victoria is able to communicate clearly to ensure teachers have clarity and understanding about what they are learning”.

Victoria is available for schools and Kāhui Ako who wish to use her expertise for centrally-funded professional learning and development (PLD) and privately.

Further Details & More Information…

Victoria Macann: MEd, BSc, PGDipTchg, APLS (Apple Professional Learning Specialist)


e: [email protected]
m: +64 27 4288 586
l: LinkedIn

Specialist skills:

  • Digital Technology Curriculum
  • Digital Fluency
  • STEM
  • Science (Year 1-11 general Science, 11-13 Biology)
  • Programme/resource development
  • Instructional design (online courses)

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