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Caebrook Intermediate

incredibly creative ideas to help implement the DTC

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical at the beginning of how Computational Thinking would fit into our programme with the range of learners I have, however, I shouldn’t have been because it has been great.

Shona unpacked the Digital Technologies Curriculum with us and supported us to incorporate it in our Maths – my students were highly engaged. I found that it made some difficult concepts easier to teach! We stream Maths and trialled three different level maths classes. Across all classes there was high engagement and a whole lot of fun!

Having Shona guide us through the curriculum and come in, to model how lessons can be run was a huge advantage. She had incredibly creative ideas to help implement the DTC, and as the one who was sceptical at the beginning, I can now happily say I’m hooked. Year 8 Level Leader.

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