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Crown Fibre Holdings Limited is a New Zealand Government agency responsible for managing the implementation of ultra fast broadband across New Zealand.

As part of the first city in NZ to be connected, they had a showcase event to launch this initiative.

They required support in developing the education stand which was one part of the showcase.

Learning Architects was approached as an expert in their field for supporting educational outcomes through the use of technology. The project involved:

  1. Providing a clear plan for supporting the development of the education stand for the Whangarei ICT Hub launch.
  2. Implementing a range of online tools to showcase the benefits of ultrafast broadband fibre.
  3. Training local students to demonstrate the technology, showcasing and making the links to the benefits of ultrafast broadband for the public.

Click here to view the website that was created to support this project…

Outcomes for demand for UFB:
The Crown Fibre Holdings URF launch was a success; Northpower Fibre orders in May were more than quadruple the average level of the 6 months prior to the campaign, while connections have more than tripled.
Other outcomes:

Other relevant outcomes of the campaign included:

  1. the temporary ICT hub saw foot traffic of ~500 people;
  2. Digital Ambassadors (including 2nd chance learners from the local training centre) said their involvement contributed to their personal development, and they have improved career prospects;
  3. extensive positive local and national media coverage;
  4. stakeholders TUANZInternetNZ, and the Google Innovation Partnership as well as Tier 1 RSPs Telecom, Vodafone issued congratulatory media releases.

Click here to view the website that was created to support this project…

Expected long term outcomes
Legacies of the campaign are expected to include:
  • creation of a permanent ICT Hub, including an education section;
  • formation of a permanent ICT youth group.

Crown Fibre Holdings would be interested in working with Learning Architects in future to replicate the model, both in a permanent hub in Whangarei and elsewhere.


Contact: Anna Verboeket, Stakeholder Relations Manager, 021 720 750‬

Anna Verboeket, Stakeholder Relations Manager, Crown Fibre Holdings 750, [email protected]

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