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Tuakau Primary School in Auckland approached Learning Architects to deploy their Google Apps for Education system as well as run a day to introduce the staff to it. This required:

  1. Installing and deploying the school Google Apps for Education system, including technical domain changes;
  2. Remote liaison with key staff as well as IT providers for the school;
  3. Designing with staff a customised professional learning day;
  4. Follow ups and ongoing support to maximise the possibilities.

Learning Architects deployed Google Apps for Education for Tuakau School and personalised the system to the school, including provided templates and a private portal site for staff to use. They provided a custom designed professional learning day for the staff of Tuakau and Mangatawhiri Schools.

This day introduced teaching, leadership and support staff to the basics of getting going in the cloud, as well as the possibilities.

Rob catered so well for our staff with the wide range of experiences and confidence using computers and familiarity with Google. He inspired staff and since the Discovery Day we have had staff that are keen to try things and are using their computer so much more than they ever have.

Rob gave us a thorough introduction to the Google platform so that we have all been successful transitioning to being a GAFE school. He also made things fun and our teachers loved the quiz that we created guessing random facts about each other using the collaborative nature of google docs.

The stickers designed for staff laptops were very helpful and are still used frequently. He built leadership capability within our school and the two of us who are super admins are able to do many of the admin tasks ourselves that we were previously paying our IT provider to do for us.

Communication and follow up support was a real positive too. Rob was always available to interpret emails and explain in basic terms to us.

Learning Architects provides specialist Google Apps for Education services – please get in touch to explore your requirements.


Contacts: Tina Taylor, Deputy Principal, [email protected] or Margaret Kaa, Principal, [email protected], 09 236 8105, Auckland.

Contact us if you’d like help implement your cloud system or learning how to maximise the potenial.

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