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Avoid Getting Locked Out Of Your Google System

How to avoid getting locked out of Google

Have you ever forgotten your password to log into your G Suite (former Google Apps) system? This can be a real pain, especially if you are not at work and need to do some work! This post will show you how to set up something called ‘password recovery’ by putting in an alternate email address that you can use to recover and reset your Google password.
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Google Keep

How to use Google Keep

Do you want to increase your productivity? Make sure you never miss a to do, keep lists and more with this FREE tutorial on Google Keep. Google Keep is a free note-taking tool from Google which you can use in all sorts of interesting ways to increase your productivity.
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Gmail Gets A Whole Lot Better On IOS

Gmail gets a whole lot better on iOS

When you get the next Gmail iOS app update, you’ll notice some really useful changes. This is the biggest oveNew Gmail app on iOSrhaul of the app in a long time (nearly 4 years) so is probably quite overdue really.
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Slides QA Audience

Make interactive slideshows with Slides Q&A

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to interact more closely with your audience when presenting something. Finally, this new feature within Google Slides allows you to make interactive slideshows with Slides Q&A (questions and answers).
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