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Hāpara Student Dashboard

Support learner agency by providing learners with a central, mobile-friendly location to access assignments, resources, announcements, grades and more from Google Classroom, G Suite and Hāpara.

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Student Dashboard is built to help learners with the organisation and management skills they need to be successful in a connected world.

Student Dashboard Menu

Learners can filter their view by class/subject, or view all classes at the same time.

Better organisation, planning and time management

  • The my work section shows assignments.
  • With one click on the title, learners are taken to the assignment in a new window.
  • Learners can filter their view by overdue assignments, by due date, assignments without a due date or view all at once.
Student Dashboard Sections

Perseverance through better communication

  • The notifications section displays announcements from Google Classroom, assigned work, returned work, graded work and emails from teachers.
  • Learners can use filters to see each category individually, or view all notifications at once.
  • Learners can quickly respond to their teachers or ask questions by clicking on the notification.
Student Dashboard Sections

Task initiation barriers lowered

  • The my resources section shows all of the learner’s workspaces, files that have been shared with them and files that they have recently opened.
  • Use the icons at the top to view each category.
  • Learners are taken directly to resources by clicking on the title.
Student Dashboard Sections

Student Dashboard: a one-stop shop for managing school work in a digital world.


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