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New opportunities for distance learning

While Learning Architects was born out of my experience as a principal, teacher, technology geek and leadership coach, sometimes the ideas for this support come from much closer to home. I have two daughters and both are currently learning at home due to the COVID-19 lockdown. This has made for a busier time at our place, on top of a…

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Google Classroom Icon

How to get started with Google Classroom

Now that all classes throughout New Zealand have closed, it is time for many teachers to quickly figure out how to distribute work to their class. The good thing is that you have options, one of which is Google Classroom. Google Classroom saves you time, keeps you organized and helps you communicate with your students. This video will give you…

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Staff Brainstorming During Teacher Only Day PLD

Setting up exciting possibilities for the year

One of the aspects I love about this time in the school calendar, is the level of energy that staff, students and leaders have. There’s always a sense of positivity at the start of Term 1, and with most teacher-only days complete, there’s also excitement for the possibilities for the year ahead. Being involved in teacher-only days across the country,…

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