This post explores the idea of how to bring your vision to life through practical strategies and empowering others. If you would like some resources related to this post and the ideas it contains please sign up here…

Effective leaders instinctively grasp the vital importance of a shared, coherent, and inspiring vision for their school – they also act on it with purpose and intent.

They also grasp, and are able to put into action, the various elements that enable that vision to translate into practice. I believe that vision is both a verb and a noun. If your vision is used as a noun and also acted on as a verb, then this can help you to link this vision to your actions more effectively.

When it is fully manifested, this vision forms the very heart and identity of that community, acting as the foundation for a curriculum and a culture that is responsive and ‘flexes’ to the specific needs and aspirations of everyone involved. This is equally true of the new schools I am involved in as well as those that have existed for a while.

But very often, a school’s vision remains just that – an idea or a set of aspirations that forever remain on the horizon. A significant proportion of schools never quite manage to turn them into reality, and this is not due to any lack of commitment or genuine desire to effect change. Could this be due to a lack of tangible strategies the leadership has to draw from perhaps? Or perhaps it is the mistaken belief that the vision will somehow magically take everyone in the right direction once it has been decided upon and shared.

The successful implementation of a vision does not happen by accident, and the good news is that taking a few simple steps can quickly point you in the right direction and start the process towards transformation.