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How music is made with exciting technology WebVR

Rob Clarke

Rob is the co-founder and CEO of Learning Architects. He supports leaders and organisations to thrive in the future through coaching, development, technology and learning design. He is a Ministry of Education accredited PLD facilitator. He is also a Dad and volunteers as Special Officer - Education for the United Nations Association of NZ.

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Exciting Technology Web VR

I’ve long been interested in emerging technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality. You probably heard of virtual reality and augmented reality. I remember one of the earliest examples of virtual reality which was a software product by Apple – QuickTime VR which was an amazing software package. This type of technology has historically been used for experiencing the visual world.

Virtual Reality

Here is an example of how VR, or virtual reality, can ‘roll back’ to show people what they looked like as babies.

This post will show you an example of how music is made with an exciting technology called WebVR.

WebVR is a technology behind a project that Google has called Inside Music. WebVR is a standard that makes it possible for anyone to experience virtual reality in their web browser. The goal of this project is to enable anyone to experience VR no matter what kind of device they have.

Inside Music allows you to learn how music is constructed by turning elements of the music on or off. You can experience it using either a VR headset or the web browser – on your computer or device.

This video gives you a good overview of how the Inside Music project works:

In addition to the Inside Music experiment, Google has some other, really interesting experiments for you to explore. Some of these are games, some are documentaries, while others are just interesting fun tools. Check these links out to learn how music is made with exciting technology WebVR:

  • Dance Tonite
  • Tzina: symphony of longing – interactive WebVR documentary, listen to people talk about the Tzina Dizengoff Square.
  • Let it snow – make virtual snowflakes and watch them fall around you in VR.
  • Sono – an interactive live music performance.
  • MathworldVR – visualize abstract math concepts in WebVR.
  • Day & Night – jump into outer space to witness the sun bathe one hemisphere of Earth in daylight as the sleeping side twinkles with its own artificial lights of night.
  • Bear71 – a live-rendered WebVR documentary that explores the disconnect between humans, animals and nature caused by the way we live our lives and see the world through the lens of technology.
  • Under Neon Lights – an interactive, virtual reality music experience from Within, , featuring the song “Under Neon Lights” by the Chemical Brothers and St. Vincent.
  • Konterball – play ping pong in virtual reality!
  • Sonic Umbrella – hear what it sounds like when the sky rains dog toys, ping pong balls, and more.
  • Speak to Go – explore the world with your voice.
  • Musical Forest – join users from around the world in a musical forest.
  • Chromatic – experience a kaleidoscope of iridescent prisms and meditative soundscapes.
  • Finding Love – Connect with someone by joining them in an emotive, interactive journey. Perhaps this is a glimpse into the future of dating apps and sites?

One of the great things about this project is that it is open source, so if you or your students have an interest in javascript, you can explore how to control this type of technology! Bring on the new Digital Technology curriculum!

Google Masterclass Participants Learning About Virtual Reality August 2017

For more resources on using Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality in education, try some of these great links:

  1. Virtual Reality for Education – this site has a wealth of apps, links, tools and resources.
  2. 20 top Virtual Reality Apps that are Changing Education
  3. Top Virtual Reality Apps for Education
  4. Google Cardboard – Google’s viewer, I suggest you shop around
  5. Google Expeditions – take your students on virtual field trips – very fun!
  6. Within – one of my favourites, it is focussed on storytelling
  7. A list of some of the top VR headsets from
  8. Google’s WebVR project

…if you know of more great sites, apps or resources, please add these to the comments below

If you would like a customised workshop for your team in understanding and using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or other emerging technologies in your workplace, please get in touch.

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