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Thursday, June 28th, 2018|Education, Google, Google Apps, Google Apps for Education, Professional Learning, QuickTip

Great updates for the Google Drive interface

There have been some great updates for the Google Drive interface recently. These relate to the look and feel of Google Drive on the web. These updates are cosmetic, such as icons and buttons moving, and improve a range of features while aligning more to Google’s latest material design principles.

Specific changes include:

  1. The logo in the top left has been changed to the Google Drive logo.
  2. If you’ve added a custom company logo, it is now in the top right.
  3. The Settings icon has been moved in line with the search bar.
  4. The Help Center icon has been moved in line with the search bar.
  5. The page background is now white, not gray.
  6. The “New” button has been updated.
  7. The font used for headers has been changed.

Here’s a comparison of several screens in the old and the new interface:

This new interface is built to create a responsive and efficient experience for users, and to feel cohesive with other G Suite products, such as the recently redesigned Gmail.

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