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Our Team

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Buzzing with the possibilities for the classroom!

Tawhero School Logo

Thanks so much for the fantastic presentation you gave on using Google Drive within the classroom.

I came away with knowledge, skills and confidence and am buzzing with the possibilities for the classroom!

Jade Wakeling, Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour

Lots of little tricks to make working easier…

Gretchen Smith - Wharenui School

Small group, great people, learning lots of little trick to make working easier, great to know that others had the same concerns, “You know your stuff” enthusiastic presentation, good pace, good content.

I didn’t feel brain dead at the end of the session but couldn’t wait to share what I had learnt with the others in my team.

Gretchen Smith, Principal

Helping to develop a stronger and more future-focused leadership team


He really makes me and think about the deeper issues facing our school and is supporting us to strengthen the teaching and learning across all aspects of the curriculum.

His insight into leadership is helping to develop a stronger and more future-focused leadership team.

Toby Stokes, principal

Time spent on ensuring we could use a feature…

Katherine Ellery - Castlecliff School

The opportunity to work in real time – i.e. not just listen and try to remember.

The time spent on ensuring we could use a feature rather than bombarding us with the whole range available.

The feedback from experience about which apps are really useful in the education setting.

Katherine Ellery, Principal

Well pitched for our school and where we are at…

Kim Gordon - Bulls School

Your G Suite for Education and Hapara presentations help to reaffirm that our school is on the right track.

As always there was so much to take in but your excellent follow up notes have allowed me the opportunity to review the presentation and continue to learn ‘after’ the fact.

Well pitched for our school and where we are at.

Kim Gordon, Principal

Flexible and suited to each individuals context and needs…

Rachel Maitland - Kingslea School

I have had Learning Architects training through my school and for a BOT I was on so I consider myself to be fairly au fait with Google Suite.

In saying this I always learn heaps with Rob ie deeper understanding of apps I use, tricks and tips, and apps I’ve never heard of.  

Love how the training is flexible and suited to each individuals context and needs.

Rachel Maitland, Assistant Principal

Amazing knowledge of the Google Suite

Carmen Jennings, principal

Rob has an amazing knowledge of the Google Suite, and his tips and support will most certainly make a positive difference to a principal’s or office manager’s daily workload by managing emails and providing tips that are in place daily. Rob is well worth considering if you want to put good systems in place.

Carmen Jennings, principal

Knowledge of how schools work and how to blend possibilities with technology is unique

David Taylor - principal
The Puketeraki Kāhui Ako Leadership Team employed Learning Architects very early in our development. We were aware that to connect leaders and teachers across seventeen schools we needed some form of digital communication system.
Rob Clarke sat in on our early management discussions and was able to co-construct a google on-line communication system. This system has been a building block for our Learning Community.
With simple ideas relating to naming protocols and filing to more complex google plus communities, Rob guided us through a process of development. We are by no means a finished product but we are currently functioning enthusiastically and building an effective learning community.
Thanks, Rob. Your knowledge of how schools work and how to blend possibilities with technology is unique and makes this sort of community building possible!
David Taylor, Lead Principal

Built leadership capability within our school…

Tina Taylor - Tuakau School

Rob catered so well for our staff with the wide range of experiences and confidence using computers and familiarity with Google. He inspired staff and since the day we have had staff that are keen to try things and are using their computer so much more than they ever have.

Rob gave us a thorough introduction to the Google platform so that we have all been successful transitioning to being a GAFE school.

He also made things fun and our teachers loved the quiz that we created guessing random facts about each other using the collaborative nature of google docs.

Communication and follow up support was a real positive too. Rob was always available to interpret emails and explain in basic terms to us.

He built leadership capability within our school and the two of us who are super admins are able to do many of the admin tasks ourselves that we were previously paying others to do for us.

Tina Taylor, Deputy Principal

Building our communication systems while supporting our collaborative journey

Sue Jackson - principal
Learning Architects continue to positively support our CoL | Kāhui Ako, especially in our establishment phase.
We look forward to building on our communication systems/website/PLD needs while supporting and informing our collaborative journey.
Sue Jackson & Sandra Keenan, Lead Principals

See the possibilities…

The course was practicable, hands on, pace suited the participants as you could work as fast or as slow as you were capable.

It has given me the opportunity to practice and to see the possibilities of what Google Docs can do.

Certainly a tool that can be used both in my professional life and personal.

Christine Omundsen, Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour

Helped us to develop a system that is working very well for our Kāhui Ako

Sharon Marsh - principal

I have worked with Rob through our Kāhui Ako to develop the digital communication systems.

Rob’s ability to listen carefully, ask relevant questions and then develop systems collaboratively with our large Kāhui was greatly appreciated.

His knowledge and expertise were highly valued, together with his ability to connect with all members of the Kāhui at their own capability level in a respectful and constructive way.

His strong sense of what works well and how we can make use of this knowledge helped us to develop a system that is working very well for our Kāhui Ako.

Some of the best PD time/money ever spent!

Papanui High School Logo

Just wanted to say thanks and that I got a lot out of my day yesterday.

It was probably some of the best PD time/money ever spent.

Natasha, Judy and I are all buzzing about it today.

Anjie Connon, TIC Photography

You gave amazing advice yesterday…

Often when new ideas come into a school we are rushed or pressured to do this one and this one and this one.

You gave amazing advice yesterday when you talked me through blogs and web pages, etc…

You said that I don’t need to do them all that to just focus on one, the class blog, and do that well and that done well it could cover all my needs.

Huge advice thank you, I feel relieved.

Susan Bentley, Class Teacher

…strategic planning end goals were relevant, achievable and innovative

The Waitaha Board of Trustees and leadership team employed Rob Clarke to support and guide them during their two most recent strategic planning reviews.

Rob ensured that relevant and enquiring questions were the focus of the sessions, and he guided and challenged the Board to think critically and innovatively.

Rob’s in-depth and current knowledge of education practices ensured that the sessions were focussed and relevant to the Waitaha setting and to its community. His input ensured that the end goals were relevant, achievable and innovative.

Rob is extremely professional and he will deliver quality outcomes.

Margaret Dodds

…increased our understandings of ourselves individually as leaders while enhancing our collective leadership…

I have been privileged to work with Rob over a number of years now since Learning Architects were brought on board to support our School moving to cloud-based Systems – most notably Google.

Rob has supported the different levels of computer literacy in our team as we moved to Google using a range of resources, approaches, and strategies. This is particularly vital as our school community has grown significantly in the last 5 years

In 2018, Rob has been our PLD provider to facilitate the strengthening of our Middle and Senior Leadership team via strengths-based coaching. Working with individuals as well as the team, he has increased our understandings of ourselves individually as leaders while enhancing our collective leadership by using our individual strengths and talents.

Most recently- because of his understanding of our school, Rob was employed to work with our school community to appoint a new Principal. His work in this was diligent and innovative; this supported the Board of Trustees to reflect the community engagements that were held to be able to make an informed decision.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rob and his company- Learning Architects- to anyone seeking to support and enhance their systems and educational practices. Working with Rob has supported my own growth and development as a leader and I look forward to continuing to work with him in 2019.

Sara Moppett, Deputy Principal

A partnership, a mentorship and a great on going decision…

John Petrie - Huapai District School - Testimonial

I tried several times to get my head and my staff across the line in using google doc’s and google sites. Having contracted Learning Architects to work remotely in a support and mentor role I achieved this and more.

Beyond the technical expertise, what really helped was the strategic, feet on the floor and considered recommendations. You don’t know what you don’t know so to have Rob push my thinking, share new ideas and guide into a better way was a huge win.

I see my schools’ connection with Learning Architects as a partnership, a mentorship and a great ongoing decision.

John Petrie, Principal

Helped transform the way we work…

Mark Ellis - Rakaia School

Please keep in touch and we will work with you.

The work you did has helped transform the way we work.

Mark Ellis, Principal

Highly engaging Digital Technologies professional development

Cameron Mitchell - Tauranga Intermediate
Victoria has delivered highly engaging Digital Technologiesprofessional development that our staff was able to take straight back and embed into their classrooms.
Being a former teacher, Victoria is able to communicate clearly to ensure teachers have clarity and understanding about what they are learning

I came away feeling very informed and wanting to learn more!

Kaye Jones - Diamond Harbour

The course was well thought out and relevant to what had been advertised.

There seemed to be a wide range of knowledge and capabilities within the group which were well catered for in the presentation.

I came away feeling very informed and wanting to learn more!

Plus it was fun so that always helps. Thanks Rob.

Kaye Jones, Office Manager

Expertise and professional experience

Chris Bryant - principal

I have appreciated the expertise and professional experience that Rob has brought to the work he has done with us.

This coupled with a willingness to listen and problem solve together has seen us achieve results that are collectively owned.

Kāhui Ako o Wakatipu is well set up to collaborate and innovate.

Chris Bryant, Lead Principal

Great resource for teams and students…

Rotorua Intermediate School Logo

The programme was multi level. Found out new uses for the systems we are currently using.

It was great to learn new ways ( e.g gmail) to organise and streamline documents. Variations and limits for sites and blogs was extremely helpful.

Explanation of ways to use shared notes and shortcuts, etc. fantastic, great resource for teams and students. Thoroughly enjoyed the information and the presentation.

Rachel Hitchens, Class Teacher

Follow up has been outstanding…

Sylvia Fidow - West Rolleston School

I really enjoyed the day and your facilitation of it. Thought the delivery was really relaxed but knowledgeable.

Great to see you sharing your expertise but also being a learner, not knowing all of the google pathways but problem-solving to get there. And your follow up has been outstanding!

Sylvia Fidow, Principal

Looking at the bigger picture of our jobs and learning new methods…

Gillian Owens - Craighead Dio

Being out of our own environment, uninterrupted and able to totally focus on particular areas.

To think about how we operate, looking at the bigger picture of our jobs and learning new methods to apply.

Gillian Owens, Principals' PA

Responsive, Creative and Considered

Learning Architects has helped Ararira Springs Primary start our journey as a learning community.

When helping set up our Google systems to getting our website live, Rob has listened to our ideas and helped facilitate a solution.

Google Hangouts, online support tools and face to face meetings have been used to maximise time and meet needs.

We have loved working with the team at Learning Architects and look forward to our relationship developing.

Improve practices in the office…

Ladbrooks School logo

Course content all totally relevant to job and Rob is very knowledgeable about what he is teaching.

I have been back at school one week of term and have already put some of what was covered into practice ie short keys with emails, so is testimony that course provides tools to improve practices in the office.

Dot Agnew, Office Manager

Helpful beyond explanation…

Sandy Hastings - Beckenham School

Rob’s help, at the end of the phone and by clever use of Google Hangouts, for both small and complex technical support with getting the most out of google apps has been helpful beyond explanation, many times.

Rob knew my technical strengths and limitations, and provided instant assistance with my next step learning, enabling me to move forward independently with the task that I was working on.

Sandy Hastings, Principal

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