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Ruth Stuart, Deputy Principal, Te Waka Unua School 

"Even though the day was catering for some absolute beginners,  
and I was a a bit further down the track, having been using
GAFE for almost a year, I still picked up lots of useful
hints and tips that will save me lots of time.”
Suzanne Nilsson, Teacher, Banks Avenue School 

“I really enjoyed the day and found it very worthwhile.
It was particularly beneficial to have the course catered
to meet the needs of the individuals and the group.
Great one-on-one support.”
Rachel Hitchens, Teacher, Rotorua Intermediate School

"The programme was multi level. We found out new
uses for the systems we are currently using.
It was great to learn new ways (e.g gmail) to organise
and streamline documents. Variations and limits for
sites and blogs was extremely helpful. Explanation of ways
to use shared notes and shortcuts, etc. fantastic,
great resource ​​for teams and students.Thoroughly
enjoyed the information and the presentation.”
Denise Johnson, Assistant Principal, St. Anthony's School

"It was excellent that Rob recognised that we needed to work on
our vision and guided us with this. Everyone took something away
from the day which was excellent so thanks for this!"
Tina Taylor, Deputy Principal, Tuakau School

“Rob catered so well for our staff with the wide range
of experiences and confidence using computers and
familiarity with Google. He inspired staff and since the day
we have had staff that are keen to try things and are using
their computer so much more than they ever have.
Rob gave us a thorough introduction to the Google platform
so that we have all been successful transitioning
to being a GAFE school. He also made things fun."
David Reddish, Deputy Principal, Fordell School

"Paced just right, light hearted, very patient with those that needed
extra time. Friendly atmosphere with lots of individual help."
Anjie Connon, HOD Art and Design, Papanui High School

"I got a lot out of my day yesterday. It was probably
some of the best PD time/money ever spent.
Natasha, Judy and I are all buzzing about it today."
Aimee Longhurst, Teacher, Rotorua Intermediate School

"Some really cool tricks for making our lives easier and more efficient."
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