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The Most Effective Leadership Coaching….

The most effective leadership coaching….

I have found all of the workshops that Tabitha has led to be hugely useful. From day one we looked at different types of leadership approaches and the ways you can inspire people within your team to deepen their inquiry.

With all of the team that I’m appraising, I have used the templates the whole way through their inquiry just to get them thinking about their question and then breaking it down in parts.

I personally love the templates and the fact that they’ve already been created for us has meant that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It also means that it’s not coming from me and that it’s actually a resource that a wide range of people in the school are using.

I’ve found that my team have really enjoyed it. They have said to me that it was probably the most effective PLD that they have experienced all year.

With the effective PLD that Tabitha delivered, I was able to take that on and transfer that into my team, and I really appreciate the resources and processes she shared.

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