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Check out these 4 special offers from Learning Architects
1. Learn more about our workshops
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Learn the basics

Cloud fundamentals
Find and organise
Save time
Build new skills
Take control

Tame your email
Explore systems
Increase efficiency
Extend your skills
Master & extend

Automate the cloud
Design systems
Refine processes
Advanced skills
2. Get priority access to our
Office Staff Learning Community
Start up membership costs $239 per annum or two payments of $149
• Online video courses
• Connect and engage with colleagues
• Unlimited support
• Templates and resources for your office and school
• Access to expertise
• Save time and target your professional learning
• Regular reminders to support your learning
• Certificates of completion for courses

4. Engage your community with Hail
Engage your community through your website, take care of your newsletter, social media, yearbooks and more...