Internet access management that empowers the school

Linewize helps schools succeed with digital learning. Internet access management, usage reporting and teacher Internet toolbox provide complete visibility and control over all Internet usage.

Learning Architects also act as educational advisors to this company.

Flexible, granular web filtering unlike any other tool…

Linewize helps schools to protect students online. Use Linewize to ensure content access is age appropriate and that student Internet use is visible to all custodians – staff, principal and even parents if you wish.

Reporting that is totally flexible…
Teachers and parents can be alerted should a child under their care attempt to access inappropriate content enabling immediate redress of the behaviour.

Linewize provides full visibility of user browsing history and data usage for both fixed and mobile devices.

Specify who gets weekly email reports detailing filtering hits, most popular websites, network data usage and more.
The complete solution for digital learning
Linewize provides full user authentication, with configurable per user content filtering and full visibility of user browsing history and data usage for both fixed and mobile devices.

Linewize instantly augments your existing network with BYOD functionality. No need for costly and disruptive hardware upgrades.

Works with all cloud and directory systems…
Linewize integrates with any existing directory service allowing Internet access to be individualised for students and staff based on the directory groups they belong to.

Linewize integrates with Google OpenAuth so that students can use their Google account and password to log on to the school network. One account to rule them all.

Linewize even has a visual login system for younger students or those using shared devices

Powerful tools for teachers and students

Linewize even has tools for teachers to manage the internet for their class!

Students can even view their internet activity by visiting